Be Water, Move Mountains.

March 10, 2016




I am not for everyone.

I know this.

But if one more of my friends says “fuck that guy, he’s not good enough for you.” without conjuring me a God or drawing down at least an Angel of the Lord for me to play with ima have a righteous tantrum.

I try to keep these to a minimum, I get mad and windows break 500 miles away.

Mythical mamas need love too.

I make mountains out of molehills. I truly do. But I move them with my hips and hey, pretty amazing I made a mountain out of anything.


What I think and speak I become.

These words I write change the world, the way I see it and for others.

They call it spelling for a reason. Words are literal magic.

When sleeping women wake. Mountains move. (Chinese Proverb)

This is the truth.

My house if full of rocks, all picked up for varying reasons, pretty, shiny, blue, quartz, or just round.

Sometimes because they just feel good.

Every one of these rocks I have was once a mountain. And I hold them in my palms? Magic.

Nothing really moves mountains, proverbial ones are easy. Giant rock formations from cataclysmic seismic events before time and man are a little harder to budge.

Unless you are water.

I get stuck in these arid places. No water, no flow and a palpable lack of magic.

I feel trapped in a chrysalis state, wrapped in veils that won’t let me see or breathe. And suddenly, with very little warning, I have wings.

There are different ways of waking up. One interpretation is just opening your eyes. That will have to be a start. Willing myself to see, ceasing my willful blindness. Stop shutting the world out.

I gotta wake up. I need a coffee and a soul shower.

Water cleanses, refreshes, sates, quenches. Gets rid of cobwebs and the dusty remnants of cocoons.

I need water.

I need to be water, I need to remember that I am indeed water 70% give or take.

I know someone who has “love and gratitude” tattooed (in German) across his chest. He acknowledges that he is 70% water and that water molecules respond to emotion.

Talk sweetly to water and the molecules rearrange themselves into beautiful patterns.

The double slit theory proved that particles behave differently when observed. Just the act of being watched changed their intended patterns.

People are like that.

You behave differently when I observe you. There is a purpose for me being here. I am altering your trajectory in some way. The pearls of water on my hips* carving new canyons in your psyche and you into mine.

On my right wrist I have tattooed ‘there is no spoon’. From the Matrix. The whole quote goes ‘you cannot bend a spoon with your mind, that’s not possible, what you must do is realize the truth….there is no spoon.’

We are all made of particles, atoms, tiny microcosms moving at varying speeds, responding to the things we think and do. I am made out of the same things that compose a spoon, or a lamp, I love lamp.

There is a theory of entangled particles wherein across time and space, two atoms created in the same cataclysmic event will have an equal and simultaneous reaction when the other is affected. Science is trying to determine if said particles had a prior agreement to react this way or if there is another dimension they are communicating through. One without the confines of time and space or any measurable distance.

It’s both.

Time is a manmade construct.

I believe in sacred contracts. You wandered into my life because it was decided upon an exploding star. I wished for you.

I have people in my life like this. I think that is how we meet each other. It’s not written in the stars, it’s written by them. Find someone with a good amount of dust from the same star and there is your soul mate.

Bruce Lee was by all rights a rather exceptional being. He did things most people cannot fathom. He moved around in the matrix with such ease he appeared to be super human.

What if I told you, I am made of the same components as he is/was. We all are. Every element in our bodies is the result of collapsing stars. We are the result of ancient cosmic events and yet we play so small. Stop.

He told us to ‘be water’. I am, and as such I can move mountains.


*The Dixie Chicks

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  • Monika Carless March 10, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    fell right into this. thank you.

    • sexloveandgrace March 10, 2016 at 3:57 pm

      thank you, i don’t know exactly when i wrote it but it fit for today

  • Anonymous March 12, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    I deleted your number and you from my life months ago. I hear you were worried? You give yourself too much credit. You were a divebar bombshell i thought was real. You are not. I heard and for no reason then my own piece of mind, you have nothing to worry about except yourself. You are and have always been your own worst enemy. I stopped caring about you the minute i realised what you were. Im getting married. You never will know love because youve never known it. Youre not mighty or magic. Your a lost soul. Maybe your happy. Good for you. I never gave you a second thought. Too bad you wasted all that time on me with the bullshit writings. Maybe thats just who and what you are . i wish you peace. Someday maybe youll find it.

    • sexloveandgrace March 13, 2016 at 12:48 pm

      i wrote one article about you called ‘harm’s way’ which you proceeded to comment on repeatedly pretending to be missy. i showed missy, and traced your IP address, very aware that it is you andy canavan or kelly william voight or any of the other names you may go by.
      hilarious you think you are the giant i am referring to. you are the lowest of the low. lying about your fiance and children to get a girl in bed.
      i cared about the person you pretended to be for a few weeks. the second my locks were changed and i filed a police report oi felt fine. further relief came when i realized everyone at work knew how fucked up you are.

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