February 26, 2015


Houston, we have a problem.

How am I not on a spaceship heading towards some other planet? This one is broken.

I do not want to use my little bit of power on the internet to make more stupid people more famous.
This is (to me) a sacred charge. My ability to be heard, is not taken lightly.

This, I can’t help. This girl is right up there with the girl who rambled on about dogs only being able to walk because we tell them to. And Kanye, and Kim.
We need us some internet police.
I don’t want to advocate mandatory sterilization, but can we remove a few warning labels and make Darwin happy. Please?

There has got to be a fucking reckoning.

This world won’t stand long. (Ruby Thewes Cold Mountain)

Not a Dr. Phil fan. He is nothing more than a less amusing long winded version of Captain Obvious.


I see the irony that I am following suit on the thing he didn’t want to do either which is give this girl MORE attention. I don’t really want to give him more attention either. But come on.

May I add one tiny critique here? The words he used were too big, you could see them flying over her head and just hitting the wall.

There is a pendulum swinging, like a fucking wrecking ball. Way too far in all directions, smashing shit at random.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


You need to hear me all the way through here.

I advocate the equity of all people regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.

Domestic violence, All violence is abhorrent to me.

Like Selina said ‘without one person making a stand black people would still be drinking from their own water fountains’.

I am going to lawyer up for Lucifer here, just for a second.

Are we, as women actually supporting one another? Not when this female advocator of abuse, or the girl who wrote the ‘homewrecker’ article are being threatened by other women. Not when the girl who defends getting beaten garnishes a million hits and the one pleading for help and change gets 700 shares.

What the fuck girls? Feminism is getting a bad rap because ya, a lot of it advocates hate.


Are we exhibiting any of the qualities that reflect the goddess principle?
Have we given men (or any of us) a period of adjustment as we have gone barreling ahead?

I don’t believe so and it hurts me on a deep level.

‘Why do you keep subjecting him to your swatches?’ (AHS)

We expect men to stand around holding our purses and paying the bills, picking out guest towels and be happy about it? Where is their outlet? When did we stop nurturing? When did they stop protecting?

Women are fumbling forward, holding each other down with this competitive jealousy shit and screaming “I am woman hear me roar” while turning a blind eye to men. They have needs too, throw pillows are not among them.

We have a lot of damage to undo, from the Bible to the cosmetics industry. Telling someone to kill themselves or ignoring pleas for help is NOT the way to go, there is already enough weight we need to shrug off.

The girl that sparked this article is just loudly (and oddly) being a poster girl for Battered Wife Syndrome. I cannot possibly be the only one who sees this. Somebody did this TO her. Someone can undo it. Obviously not Dr. Phil.

The suffrage movement was victorious approximately 100 years ago, give or take. Birth Control was introduced in the 60’s, prompting the sexual revolution. So 50ish years there. And we have existed as a species for 50 000 years. Drops in the bucket of time. Our advantage now? The World Wide Web and the ability to convey ideas and concepts at lightning speed. We are just in a really rough transitional phase.

This individuality we all want to have recognized, it’s universal.

The universe in me recognizes and honours the universe that resides in you.

I don’t have to agree with what you say, but I do defend everyone’s right to speak.

Both the women cited in this article deserve to be heard and helped.

Every prophet in her house.

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