June 9, 2015



Sophie-Anne: [musing] Well, think about it. Imagine that you’re a wild young girl who’s married to some jerk who treats you like property and is also fucking some 14-year-old boy. And along comes this religion which encourages you to get hammered, run naked through the woods, have sex with whoever, whatever, and it’s all part of getting closer to God?

Bill Compton: I can see how that would have it’s appeal, especially to humans with their tendencies towards puritanism.

Sophie-Anne: Exactly! So you’re fucking everybody in the dirt, why not kill something and eat it raw? Hey, you’re super pious. There’s nothing you can’t do and each time you do, it brings you one step closer to the divine.

Bill Compton: Isn’t that delusional?

Sophie-Anne: Never under-estimate the power of blind faith. It manifests in ways that bend the laws of physics or breaks them entirely.

(True Blood Season Two)

I can’t be a Mae Nad. Sounds too much like Kae Mad, the nickname sisterwife gave herself. Just, no.

This article could now go two ways, Dionysus or blind faith. Firm believer in both.

Three ways, I could bash sisterwife, but I won’t. She saved me in her way, I have to thank her for it.

Dionysus it is.

Just like every other God and corresponding school of thought, Dionysus has been so very twisted. Hammered and bent until he is barely recognizable.

I like my sex, food, thoughts, soul and body raw.

I crave raw meat more than anyone I know (except Sunday, whose Greek name just so happens to be Dionysus).

My skin and soul remain bare as often as possible.

The days I start naked on the porch, walking barefoot through the grass, spend hours dancing,  fill my belly with whiskey and tartar, delectable morsels of good food and end that day with a man in my bed, someone with whom I can get completely lost in fucking, braiding limbs, consuming each other, full, free energy exchange.
Those days, I have attained Nirvana. I am closer to god. I am, by all rights, immortal.

If I am living breathing fucking enjoying alive this moment, then am I not immortal?
By definition, in this moment I am, and so shall I be in all of the moments that follow until I am not.
Time is a man made concept, so is heaven and hell.
Scientifically my body will return to the earth.
My soul knows I have walked on this earth before, in other bodies living other lives, sounds immortal to me.
So why would I not enjoy this body I have chosen, to the fullest.
How could I not be grateful and show it at every possible opportunity.

This doesn’t mean drink and fuck all day every day. We have shit to do.

Everyone needs an escape from the tediousness of merely existing.
Religion, drinking, drugs and sex are all meant to be Disneyland for adults. You can’t live in Disneyland.

Humans have a bad habit of taking everything too far. Picking through these really good ideas until the original thought is lost. To worship Dionysus is to accept the parts of you that are human. Acknowledge your basic desires, not bury them. To commune with nature, to allow ourselves brief periods of complete freedom drawing energy from each other and the earth.

We covet that feeling of wantonness and freedom, it becomes addictive.

I found my bliss and visit it regularly. This is the one place my pendulum sits beautifully on the fulcrum.

This is my church, this is how I pray.

I have aligned my life so I am pious, I eat when I am hungry, I drink when I am thirsty, I am naked often, I dance daily and I fuck as often as I can.
My bending and twisting has incorporated my religion into my life, not the other way around.

I am a daughter of Dionysus.

No, that’s not right either.

I am Ariadne. Abandoned on an island a few years back.

I willingly admit, I threw some epic tantrums, I wish they’d been witnessed only by the seagulls.

In my isolation I found peace and acceptance. With every passing day my appreciation for this body and life I have been given grows. I am becoming the eye in a storm, everything can rage around me and I will stay calm…
until it’s time to pray again, then the sky will explode in unison and the stars will look down in envy.

With my body I thee worship.

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