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February 5, 2018


Astrological Logic. (a speed guide to dating)

February 5, 2018

I have to remember that, just because someone tells me the astrological sign of the person they are interested in, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want me to impart my wisdom on what it’s gonna be like to date that particular person.

Especially if my experiences were less than pleasant.

Destroy the middle it’s a waste of time, from the perfect start to the finish line ~ Daughter

Panda met a Gemini. I am one, so was farm hubby.

I let what happened with him taint what came flying out of my mouth about this man of hers I have never met.

In retrospect, I can no more blame the things he did on the day he was born than I can blame the weather for dropping 17 degrees overnight in February.

Nature, nurture and choices. Or weather patterns. Or something. He had a bad mama.

Besides, when he was good he was very, very good but when he was bad he was horrid.

Wolfling was a Taurus with a bad mama, and he was sweet to me.

People are people. They will do what they will. And a lot of it has to do with the chemistry between us. Orange juice is lovely and gasoline is useful, but put them together and you get napalm.

We have another friend involved with a dude and we can all very plainly see his disinterest in her, but all she sees are the occasional and random acts of kindness. We have all been there. He feeds her just enough to keep her alive and not one crumb more.

If I had to guess? He’s a Gemini too. Or just a damaged man. There are plenty of those wandering the world.

I have a book, which of course is packed away so I can’t quote it, called Sexual Astrology. It probably came out in the 70’s and probably had a lot to do with everyone asking everyone else what their sign was.

It is a fairly astute book, fails to explain the why behind things and I think whoever wrote it had a bad experience with a Scorpio or 3. Rather vicious description that I will not repeat, we all know I love my Scorpios and I will not speak against them lest I lose my honorary place amongst their tribe.

My girl just married a Scorpio and has thanked me more than once for the articles I have written offering some kind of explanation for why they are the way they are and the benefits of dating them, and basically how to deal. They are not of this world. Just visitors.

What of this idea that the signs have changed because the stars have moved?

My answer to this is a resounding nope. Astrology is a man-made idea and construct, like any religion. We should update the bible too considering the world has moved on, but we won’t. Astrology isn’t a religion, but the rules still apply. It’s a belief system, it will behave in the way those who believe dictate.

Besides, you could be a Sagittarius in love with a Cancer and not believe me at all. So don’t.

It’s just an idea.

Like I said, people are people. You vibe with who you vibe with, we love who we love, end of story. I don’t believe in horoscopes any more than I believe in fortune cookies, so just a lil bit really. But…and there is always a “but”…there are basic personality traits that can be attributed to the signs.

My friends do come to me for advice often, and usually my second question is ‘when is his birthday’. It’s just ingrained in me now.

I’ve tried to break it down in the simplest of terms when queried “who should I date.”

In the grand scheme of things you should date who you are attracted to, who you vibe with and who loves you.

But astrologically speaking, you should date within your own element or the one that compliments yours.
If you believe in that kind of thing. And I do.

Aries are the babies of the zodiac, and fire children at that which makes them fun, but hard to handle.

Fire and water don’t mix.

The 4 elements are fire, water, air and earth. Air feeds fire. Water feeds earth…ya dig?

Fire                                        Earth                                     Air                                          Water
Aries                                      Taurus                                  Gemini                                 Cancer
Leo                                         Virgo                                     Libra                                      Scorpio
Sagittarius                           Capricorn                             Aquarius                              Pisces

According to the books I am supposed to be happiest with my fellow air signs.

But, I have loved my Aquarians, and they are mystics and wonderful, but they can’t tell time. Maddening.

I have had my 3 Libras and while I still love them like the soulmates they are, they remain elusive i.e. with other people. But because it’s real love, I’m good as long as they are happy. Also they play this never ending game of chase and it gets exhausting running from the person you really want to be with.

We behave in the way our element behaves. Fire burns, water flows, earth is solid and air…is free spirited and does what it wants.

I have had my most tumultuous relationships with those of fire. And I enjoyed the warmth, for the most part.

There is a separate theory as well, which breaks down the signs into ages. Average life span is 72 years divided by 12 = 6. Aries are the human age equivalent of a 0-6 year old. The toddlers. Taurus’ are coming into some kind of self-awareness. Gemini the impetuous teenagers, Cancer the angst ridden life questioning 20 somethings, etc. till we get to our mystical Aquarians and our sage, yet forgetful brethren of Pisces.

I also have a very earth heavy chart, but that is a whole other kettle of fish. Along with cusps and exceptions to every rule which aren’t really rules, like I said, just an idea. And I am running high on my word count.

Plus I still have to finish packing.

I have to go see about a boy.

He’s a Pisces.


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