All the Pretty Pussies

May 18, 2017

Clickbait. Any post with the words fuck or pussy.

For all you know this could be an article about cats. But realistically, it’s me. You know it ain’t.

My numbers have been a little low lately, but I’m not a tease.

It’s really about vaginas.

A girl I work with walked towards me in the smoking paddock. She was back lit by the fading sunlight. Photographers call this the golden hour because everything looks beautiful bathed in glowing golden sunlight at dusk and dawn.
Things I cannot shake, my eye for finding photos and my overthinking of everything and attempting to get it all down. I suppose they are the same thing. Capturing moments one way or another.

Got off track. Back now.

Shes a beautiful girl, freckled tanned skin, long dark hair, light eyes, funny as fuck and a nice body on her. She was wearing a low rise white thong, super see through and had the prettiest camel toe I had ever seen.

Camel toe is such a crass term for what this was. Just a delicate outline of a pretty pussy. Sheathed in soft white fabric, just being cute in the glow of a sunset.

I have worked in strip clubs since 1997. And although I had some squeamish moments, usually during lunch shift at my first club, when as a waitress I would deliver a club sandwich to a guy in perverts row and invariably come face to pussy I guess with some girl’s vagina. The stage was set at eye level on purpose, can’t be avoided really. I’d blush, put the sammich down and go on about my day.

Needless to say, I have seen a LOT of vaginas in my day.

I got used to it rather quickly, fairly desensitized I guess. Except that one time when I was yet again, putting a beer down in perverts row, looked up just as I heard the girls name announced and realized I was staring into my ex-husbands ex-girlfriends pussy. Like inches from my face. That threw me a bit. I had not learned then to quell my jealousy and I honestly didn’t know how to feel. That isn’t a thing that happens often outside of my world, no precedents set for that exactly. In retrospect, it was a mild discomfort, nothing more.

At the same bar there happened to be a girl with what can only be described as a large vagina. Rather than revolting, it was fascinating, her clit was bigger than my thumb. Her lips in a perpetual state of swollen. I am not ashamed to admit, every time she went on stage I stared. I could only begin to imagine what that felt like….both to be her and to fuck her. Alas I never found out.

When it came to stripping myself I would often do the reverse of the norm and take my panties off on the second song rather than my bra. I hate my tits, my pussy is/was kinda adorable. I have an innie, been proud of how that part of my body looked for quite some time. So, choosing to reveal that first and having 3 less minutes with my boobs out and thereby open to ridicule worked just fine for me.

These days…sadly no. Panties stay on as long as possible. And I’ll tell you why.

I had a bad Brazilian. You know, where you trust another person to apply hot wax to your holiest of holies and violently rip the hair out because its summer time and you are at the beach every damned day. Ya one of those. I had been going to the same place quite happily for 3 months. But this time was different. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe I didn’t tip her enough, who knows, but this time Bitch burned me and skinned me. My skin is still recovering. I now have chronic cystic ingrown and my once pretty pussy has scars and bumps.

I have spent 5 months and over $500 on creams, lotions, scrubby things, pills etc trying to get her back to her former glory. I miss her. I truly do. She is my most favorite and fun body part. Which is why, I am committing to 90 days of medication to fix it once and for all at the cost of making me extremely light sensitive. I worship the sun. We only get 90 days of it in Canada. But if it works it will be worth it.

I hate feeling insecure and shy about it during sex. I suppose this is what a lot of women feel all the time, without the excuse of a bad wax. But just because society has vilified this part of us. This wondrous amazing part.

Butch: You think guys would find that attractive?
Fabienne: I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same. 

(Pulp Fiction)

It’s true.

My pussy is a magical thing. I have tantric orgasms that span over minutes and more glorious minutes. When I am aroused my lips puff up and my clit peeks out between them at the top reaching towards whomever is making me feel this way.

I get slip ‘n’ slide wet under the right circumstances. I get tighter the more I get fucked and apparently the spasms that occur inside me feel as good to my partner as they do to me.

I just finished the book. The evil book I have been bitching about and working on for 2 years.

Its porn. Vaginas come into play often. So many puns so little time, that’ll have to do.

But in having to come up with descriptive terms over and over 350+ pages I think I learned to love them a little more.

The sensitive skin of his intense erection felt every miniscule movement of her muscles trying to draw him inside, like pink swaying anemones, dancing out, playfully attempting to bring him home and feed on him.

All pussies, great and small.


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