Blood, Sweat and Ink

May 15, 2017

Every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief, all kill their inspiration then sing about their grief. U2

I am going to lose some friends over this. I know it. I have made peace with this. If they bail because I feel compelled to stick up for someone who has always been there for me, so be it. Warmth can only come from a burning and love always comes due in blood. (SK) and I owe him. I’ll bleed.

Once upon a time in a strip club far, far away two baby strippers (19 and 20 respectively) I knew and loved got in a fight about something and never spoke to each other again. Couldn’t tell you what the fight was about. You know why?
Because they both respected my friendship with the other and never asked me to pick a side nor called me in to bitch about the other.

They are the standard to which I hold all my present company.


I am reminded of Kings 3:25 King Solomon ordering the baby to be cut in half. The one who truly loved him screamed no, would rather lose the baby than see it bleed. I am screaming NO now and you are insisting on cutting the baby.

Do you need his blood for ink?

You can’t put tape over your mouth and let your fingers do the talking.
That isn’t silence.
Silence is dignified.

Silence also gives consent. Again I scream, No. Just no.

Oh honey. You can’t call it a smear campaign if it’s just the other half of the truth. His opinion of what went wrong. Also, you were kinda the monkey that threw the first turd and the second third fourth etc so ya. There’s that then.

That’s the same as telling someone to leave and getting angry when they walk out the door.

Oh wait, isn’t that what happened?

If someone says you hurt them you don’t get to decide you didn’t. Louis CK

You hurt him.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.


I don’t believe in absolute right or wrong, everything is truly shades of grey.
Here I have found peace. But that ain’t your thing.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

I am not a snack for your starving ego.
I am soul food for someone who actually has one.

Ya, that.

You can’t chew someone up, spit them out and complain about the taste it left. He just wanted what you promised.

You can’t give someone shit for talking to an ex when yours is on his way over to your house.

Didn’t he cheat, steal and lie?

Wasn’t there prolific poetry about that break up too?

Who is collecting writers now?

I understand that there are bad men out there. Bad men doing bad things to women.
I’ve been through a lot and I also know I put myself in those positions. I stopped sabotaging my own heart, stopped running AT red flags and I’ve been rather happy ever since.
I know I gravitate to wolves and I don’t complain about the bite marks or the wandering or the howling.
I make my own bed and I fuck in it.

We are barely sentient apes. We fumble and mumble and trip over our ill-timed words and erections and ourselves…our stupid selves. And we are astonished that you love us. Please. Keep loving us.
Lawrence Bayne

I know not all men. The guy I am defending is one of the good ones, the one I just quoted too. My father is one, my mister and my son. All good men.

I believe, fundamentally most people are inherently good. Otherwise we woulda kinda died out as a species by now.

I post a lot of memes.
I am almost numb to them at this point.

I post a lot of things from a female perspective, because, I am the proud owner of a vagina.

Due in large part to said vagina and the state of the world I post a heavy amount of female positive posts.
Women are my sisters and when I lift them up I also rise.

I don’t have to step on the bones of men to elevate myself.

Yes, some days the bastards grind me down.

Some days the bitches grind me down even harder.

Today is one of those days.

Leave him alone.

Keep {his} name out of your fucking mouth (Orange is the New Black)




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