Little Earthquakes

November 5, 2015


And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split.

The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised.

Matthew 51 and 52

I heard different, the saints weren’t sleeping, they had died.

There were 2 Angels of the Lord hanging out in the tomb. They do make a mighty ruckus when they walk the earth and even more noise when they raise the dead. Mine do anyways.

The other thing that can be gleaned from the above passage? Saints don’t stay down.

I have been shaking for days. Literally and figuratively.

I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. Just felt like I was dreaming and awake. Like I was lost. Wandering, confused. Sleeping Saint lost in Dreamland.

Yesterday the clouds came down, everything was misted, water colored rose and gold. Felt like home. I’d finally attained some of my usual calm.

I saw Khal Drogo yesterday too, not even remotely a coincidence to my reacquired Zen. I am thinking on renaming him Peter. It fits. Peter Pan. Jesus called Peter his ‘rock’. Suits him. Sun, stars…all rocks. Molten and moving. Warm and bright.

I was vibrating in discord the whole way there. That sensation where you feel like you are going to fly apart emotionally and it transcends into your physical being. I had been living on that edge, that verge of tears where you are one hiccupping breath away from a break down. Held it together until I saw him, he hugged me and my eyes watered and my legs shook. Then I shook some more but in a good way and he made sure I didn’t fall. I held on tight and he just held me tighter.

On my way home from Neverland I chose the SkyBridge. Drove straight into the sky for reals. There was nothing but soft, comforting grey and some tail lights to follow. First star to the left and straight on till work time. Smiling and flying the whole way.

Once upon a time when I dwelled in Narnia, there was a gravel pit close by. The house would shake unpredictably sometimes not for months sometimes 10 times in a day. I started equating it with life changing events, they actually lined up. It was weird.
I have had one since the move…and my life changed that day. I marked it well. It was a good day.

We had several frost quakes last year as well. That is a thing…who knew…fucking Narnian weather and it’s polar vortices PLURAL.

Been in close proximity to 2 tornadoes…getting closer to how I have felt. Where one minute the sky is doing one thing and then the wind blows wrong, the sky turns a sickly green and you run, find something stable, hang on for dear life.

Not quite it, this wasn’t over fast enough. Tornadoes just fuck shit up and leave.

The tapestries in the temple were torn, I couldn’t read them.

Unsettled. Shaking. Quaking.

This was long and drawn out. With aftershocks galore.

Didn’t trust my mouth or my thoughts even.

Ahhh. There it is.


I had a righteous hangover one fine day. So did my roommate. Stripper sisters. We lived on the second floor of one of those cookie cutter houses on a side street. We were playing rock paper scissors to see who had to get up from the couch to do anything at all really, but possibly the remote. And then the house started to sway.

We were so ruined from the night before neither of us realized it was actually happening and just thought we had hit some next level hangover shit. But it was real …
The 2010 Central Canada earthquake occurred with a moment magnitude of 5.0 in Central Canada on 23 June at about 13:41:41 EDT and lasted about 30 seconds (source Wikipedia).
Way too far from the epicenter to feel it on the ground. But in our cardboard house. We swayed. It was a sickening feeling. For 30 seconds all semblance of ‘safe’ vanished.

How does one remember how to trust the earth after an earthquake?

It’s a really odd sensation. I mean the ground moves, the ground isn’t supposed to move.
There is nothing more stable than the ground. Right?
Until tectonic plates shift. The landscape changes.
Nothing is the same as it was before you got here (Ria Mae)


Gemini Horoscope for this week.

Small, non-destructive earthquakes are common. Our planet has an average of 1,400 of them every day. This subtle underground mayhem has been going on steadily for millions of years. According to recent research, it has been responsible for creating 80 percent of the world’s gold. I suspect that the next six or seven months will feature a metaphorically analogous process in your life. You will experience deep-seated quivering and grinding that won’t bring major disruptions even as it generates the equivalent of gold deposits. Make it your goal to welcome and even thrive on the subterranean friction.

Read this this morning. It’s an apt description of my life so far and a prediction that it will continue but with precious metals being formed in the process.

Whenever there is a major shift in the cosmos I have always likened it to a cog in a giant clockworks. For things to shift they must slip, sometimes the transition isn’t smooth and I can feel the grinding in my core. The only thing to do really is find a doorway and wait. Ride it out, try to enjoy that sensation of falling and flying out of control.
I now know to look for the gold in the ground, the silver linings when the sky falls and the clouds cover the ground. I do so love all the shiny things.

I am awake and aware again, wandering around exploring what has been broken open and revealed.
My legs shaking for an entirely different reason.
Sometimes things have to split apart so the good can come out.

I have always been fond of the earth shattering ka-booms.


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