Sex & Death

December 29, 2016

Let’s get right to the sex and death.

2016 will be remembered as the year of the reaper.

My girl Pippa posted the other day that 2016 wasn’t that bad for her.

I am inclined to agree.

I did at one point tell 2016 to go home for being drunk and mean, but Carrie Fisher had just died and I felt like I got kicked in the childhood.

Everything is relative.

Mind you, the shit I went through this year might well have killed previous versions of me. But I am not that girl anymore. Bigger better faster stronger, like titanium or adamantium.

My girl Nika and I were talking the other night and although her year has been utter garbage, we also collectively agreed that we had some damn fine next level other worldly best sex ever sex this year.

This is also true.

Wonder if being well fed had something to do with my super human strength and my ability to survive?

Survey says…

Fuck yes

Pun intended.

The girl I am now would never settle for the lack of quality or abysmal quantity of sex I had in years past either. Spooky, it’s almost like everything is connected somehow.


Yes, 2016 has been markedly steeped in death, tragedy and abominations against the lord.

It all began with the murder of Hamarabe and the asinine reactions of the internet at large.

If I was a god? That might have been my last straw too.

There have been several times I have wanted off the planet myself.

Speaking of Gods. I am afraid we are all in for some serious fucking disappointment when we collectively realize that 2017 isn’t going to be this magical clean slate where nothing bad happens, might I remind you that 19 days into the year will see Donald Trump moving from president elect to actual president?

I suppose it is easier to mourn the deaths of icons rather than face the slaughter of ideals. Or actual slaughter for that matter.

Gods don’t wear watches. The universe adheres to no calendars. Time is a manmade construct. So is the concept of good and bad.

A lot of what we are going through is man’s bullshit, all of it actually. I don’t mean men men, I mean mankind. We stopped being kind. Not that we were ever an overly kind race, now we just have tools beyond rocks honed into axes.

One of those tools is the venue by which I address you now, the internet. Upon which I learned that 15000 Americans woke up one fine November morning, got dressed brushed their teeth and waited in line to vote for a dead gorilla.

Come on now, we can do better than this.

I implore you from my soapbox web page please DO BETTER THAN THIS.

We have gotten lazy and whiny. Looking everywhere but within ourselves for something to blame.

Sorry to spoil the ending, but it’s not 2016. It’s you and me.

Speaking of endings. Technically and numerically speaking 2016 was a 9 year. 9 is the end of a lot of things. It really did feel like 2016 was trying to kill off the 80’s and I do feel like we should all form a protective circle around Betty White until further notice, but still.

2017 is a 1.

We do get to begin again, but not because of some superstition or a date on a calendar, but because we have the chance to do this every day. We have the opportunity to wake up and say today is going to be better, today I will try, today I will be kind, learn something, and let something go.

Personally, I have a few chapters to close, new things to explore and some ego to let go of.

There is wiggle room here.

I won’t call bullshit on anyone who wants to exclaim ‘new year new me’.

Let it ride baby, I believe in you, let’s do this.

Celebrate the end of 2016 if it makes you feel better. But do not mourn what is lost. Let it go. Come in clean.

My girl had a comforting thought.
She brings light, it’s just what she does.
She runs Beautiful Minds Anonymous.
Yes, it’s sad that we are losing our icons, but they led really amazing, very full, blessed lives and left amazing legacies.
They did more living than most of us.
Let’s start living bigger.
Honor them and enjoy the life we have rather than mourning what is lost.

Live bigger. Laugh louder. Be creative. Do something with yourself. Strive for notoriety. Leave a mark, a big one. Change your corner of the world. Be remembered.

Depressed people change locations but not outlooks, happy people do what they can with what they have in the time given.

Do not enter 2017 without letting go of something significant from 2016
An old idea, label, habit, fear, concern of ego
Let it go to free up the white space for something new to enter.
Brendan Bouchard

I think this is a fabulous idea. And not just the first day, carry it throughout this next year.

It’s not easy but it’ll be worth it.

We have to be the change, the love, the light and the kindness we want to see in the world.

This is all on us.

We invented the construct of time, so by default, we get to invent how this year goes too, with our actions, attitudes and our thoughts.




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